Prepare your business for the cashless society with practical workshops that explain the disruption happening at the frontier of money, governance and organisation.

Having worked for Fintech startups in global teams using leading-edge organisational practices and technology I’m best placed to break down the trends driving the future of work and show how they might apply to your business.    

My goal with speaking seminars and training is to leverage the human potential of medium-sized organisations with the right technology – or less thereof!

Skills & Experience

  • Lean and Agile work principles
  • Decentralized Organization and Governance
  • Setting up teams with remote work technology
  • Remote project management



  • E-Commerce set up: Stripe Payments + Shopify
  • New payments technology: Crypto & Digital Banks 
  • Navigating the global freelancer marketplace     
  • Emerging productivity and collaboration technology 

Published Research